At its most basic, a “Park & Ride lot” is a place where you can park a car in order to take another transportation trip. In Orange County there are two formal Park & Ride lot systems which are owned, maintained and promoted as locations to park cars in order to make connections to transit services. The system is owned and maintained by the cooperative efforts of one or more public and private entities, including: New York State, Orange County, Coach USA/ ShortLine, and local municipalities. The principal connecting transit services at these Park & Ride lots are for commuter, regional, and local bus services. There are fifteen lots in this system, ranging in size from over 500 parking spaces with shelters and other amenities to small parking lots with no amenities. The locations of these lots are shown on the map enclosed with this guide. All parking is free at these lots, with the exception of Greenwood Lake and Tuxedo Park & Ride lots.

Park & Ride Lots

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