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ADA Paratransit RIder Guide

ADA Paratransit guia del pasajero, en espanol

Mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, Paratransit services are provided in all areas with local bus services (fixed route) for people who can’t use the local bus system due to their disability. Similar to Dial-A-Bus in that you need to reserve a ride by calling at least a day in advance, Paratransit service will only be provided for those individuals whose trips begin and end within 3/4 of a mile of an existing local fixed route bus line. Paratransit vehicles are wheelchair lift-equipped and service is provided origin to destination. To qualify to use this service you must obtain a valid ADA Paratransit Identification Card issued by Orange County. Please note that service will only be provided within the 3/4 of a mile of an existing local fixed route bus line. As of January 1996 the local bus systems that qualify for Paratransit service are those operated by Middletown Transit Corp., Newburgh-Beacon Bus Corp., and the Village of Kiryas Joel.

ADA Paratransit service in Orange County is currently operated by Ride Right, LLC. Approved riders may call (845) 567-0013 in the Newburgh area or (845) 467-6641 in the Middletown area or (845) 395-3083 to make reservations for rides. The one-way fare is 75 cents.

Para más información y recibir una solicitud, llame al Departamento de Planificación del Condado de Orange al 845-615-3850 o haga click aquí.



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